A New Way to Cocktail

Ultra Premium Draft Cocktail Mixes

Perfectly balanced. Premium cocktails on tap.

A New Way to Cocktail

Real Ingredients. Any Spirit.

All the brightness and bite. Mixed with whatever you've
got behind the bar.

How it Works

1. Attach Spiker™ (Patented)

2. Add Spirits + Shake

3. Connect + Serve

Why it works


Our patent-pending keg cocktail turns every employee into a great bartender. Just add spirits, shake the lightweight keg, connect, and pour.

For Profit-Minded

It's simple. The more drinks you serve, the more money in your pocket. Each Craft Standard keg puts roughly 169 craft-quality drinks at your fingertips with the pull of a tap.

No Additional

Craft Standard kegs hook up to your existing U.S Sankey D Coupler system and mix with the spirits you're already serving.

Classics on Tap

The Margarita Keg

The Mojito Keg

The Mule Keg

The Paloma Keg

The Pink Lemonade Keg

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