How big is the Keg? 

  • The keg is a 30L Vessel filled with 20L of cocktail mix, leaving 9L of space to add spirits or an additional mixer.
  • Height: 22.52” Diameter: 11.81”

How many bottles of spirits should I pour into a keg?

  • 6-9L of spirits depending on the preferred ABV. Each keg must be filled with 9L of additional liquid. So if you pour 6L of spirits, you need to add 3L of additional mixers or water.

Is the draft system similar to beer?

  • Craft Standard Kegs work just like beer on draft using Universal Sankey D Couplers
  • Operated on both direct draw and long draw systems

What type of gas do I need for the draft?

  • Standard CO2 + Nitrogen “blended system” bars use is recommended
  • It will work with CO2 or Nitrogen alone
  • 10-15 PSI is optimal and should not exceed 60 PSI.

What type of equipment can be used?

  • Jockey Box with Cold Plate, Kegerator, Walk-in cooler (short and long draw), and a Clamp-on draft tower.

Do I need to clean the draft line?

  • Yes, clean the draft line before using it for the first time. Continue to maintain normal draft line cleaning rotation processes.
  • Craft Standard mixes will not stain or clog lines, and the mix does not separate in line.